Welcome to Spilling the Beanswhere we do just that—spill the beans on everything regarding nourishment and body love! If you’re looking for a place that is all about strict dieting and deprivation, then you are in the wrong place. Here at Spilling the Beans, we are all about fueling the body to enjoy our lives. And part of enjoying your life is eating tasty food without guilt, right


At Spilling the Beans, we believe…

Indulging in foods that you love is just as important as getting in your veggies.

Your health is not determined by a number on the scale.

Anyone can incorporate balanced eating into their routine.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be over-complicated and filled with ingredients you’ve never heard of.

You can lead a healthy life on both a budget and a time crunch.

Over-restriction is no way to live your life.

Life is too short to hate the body that houses you.

Meet the Registered Dietitian


Hi! Im Amanda.

After spending 2 years at Illinois State University for my combined masters/dietetic internship, I passed my exam in May 2016 and moved back to my roots—South Dakota. After working as a clinical dietitian for nearly 2 years, I currently work in my dream job as a Hy-Vee dietitian. In my free time, I also teach a class called Food, People, and the Environment for my undergrad alma mater, South Dakota State University. Outside of being a nutrition neRD, I also love traveling, exercise, good music (gimme anything acoustic), and taking romantic walks down dirt roads with my family dog, Bela.

Nutrition has always been something that has interested me. Though you might assume that all dietitians have an incredible relationship with food, I can assure you that I have not always been that way myself. Throughout high school and much of college, I struggled tremendously with body image and disordered eating patterns, including excessive exercising and restriction. With time, grace, and education about human nutrition, I eventually grew at peace with my body and have adapted intuitive eating into my life and profession. Reading nutrition blogs and learning more about how to properly fuel the body helped me value my body for more than just its appearance. These days, I’m thankful for what my body does for me and value the nourishment provided to keep me going. I’m so thankful that I am able to wake up each day and help other people build healthier relationships with food. Hopefully you will feel inspired to do the same while you are here!


Connect with me personally on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’m always happy to answer questions about anything from internships to my favorite food (it’s guacamole if you were wondering!).


(Disclaimer: The views of this website are my own and are not meant to diagnose or medically treat individuals. In addition, while I do work as a Hy-Vee dietitian, the views of this webiste are my own and do not represent the views of Hy-Vee.)